Great Western Research

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The fundamental concept of Great Western Research (GWR) is to promote collaborations between the highest quality research groups in the South West Universities, and between these groups and businesses, in order to attract international interest and recognition and to support the growth of the South West.

Please visit the ‘About’ page for more information on the aims and outputs of the project.

The original Great Western Research project provided 130 Postgraduate Research Studentships in six collaborative Research Themes and you can find more information on these on the Funded projects page .

Going forward GWR will be involved in a number of initatives to provide funding for PhD studentships in 2011 and beyond. The funding for these PhD research programs is allocated to University academics and research groups, who then recruit sutiable students through their normal University systems.

While we can provide prespective students with details of approved GWR research projects, and the contact details for the academics holding these grants, GWR can not accept student aplications directly.

Prospective students should therefore apply directly to the University holding the GWR studentship, or to the SWDTC and not to the GWR office .