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  The ESF- CUC PhD Studentships



Applications for the ESF-CUC studentships are assessed by the 4 GWR Expert Theme Panels as outlined in the guidance document, and the final funding decisions are then made by the GWR Cornwall Research Board, based on recommendations from the Theme Panels.

The membership of these is given below :

The 4 GWR Expert Theme Panels

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Prof Phil Megicks - Plymouth (Chair)

Paul Winyard - PCMD

Alan Alexander - Exeter

Professor Phil Stenton – UCF     

Dr Neil Fox - Bristol

Low Carbon Economy and Eco-towns

Prof George Smith - Exeter (Chair)

Prof Neil James - Plymouth

Dr Katie Bunnell/Daro Montag - UCF

Dr Guy Schumman - Bristol

Dr Andy Demaine - PCMD

Key Sectors and Skills

Nicky Britten - PCMD (Chair)

Prof Mick Fuller - Plymouth

Prof Michael Winter - Exeter

Prof Jeremy Diggle - UCF

Dr Marcelle McManus/Dr Martin Genner – Bath/Bristol

The Digital Economy

Prof Mike Wilson - UCF (Chair)

Prof Steve Furnell - Plymouth

Prof Gabriella Giannachi - Exeter

Dr Paul Clarke - Bristol

Dr Alan Bleakley - PCMD


The GWR Cornwall Research Board

Dr David Billington  GWR (Chair)

Prof Phil Megicks - Plymouth

Prof George Smith - Exeter

Nicky Britten - PCMD

Prof Mike Wilson - UCF

Dr Neil Fox - Bristol

(To be confirmed) - GOSW