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University of Exeter - College of Humanities

Eligibility and Application Guidelines

Model External Business Partner commitment letter GWR - Humanities

Model Studentship Agreement




The College of Humanities - GWR PhD Studentships at the University of Exeter

With the Humanities College of the University of Exeter, GWR expect to be offering funding for several PhD research studentships in 2011, in collaboration with businesses across the UK.

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These studentships are ONLY available to academics working in the College of Humanities, at the University of Exeter. Students may be based in Exeter or on the Tremough campus, and must be registered for the degree of PhD at the University of Exeter.

Each project requires the participation of an External Business Partner, who agrees to contribute at least 50% of the funding needed.

In the context of these studentships , “Business” includes not for profit organisations, Public Sector Research Establishments, such as the NHS Trusts, charities, cultural bodies, museums, archives, NGOs and social enterprises , all of whom are eligible . The external business partner may be based anywhere in the UK, or aboard by prior agreement with GWR.


The explanatory GWR background document

"The Exeter Humanities - GWR PhD Studentships -  

Eligibility and Application Guidelines "

may be viewed and downloaded as a pdf HERE

The GWR on-line application system is now available for these studentships.

Academic staff who are developing research proposals, but are having difficulty identifying a suitable business partner, should contact the University of Exeter Research and Knowledge Transfer office and/or GWR staff for assistance.