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To find out more about the original Great Western Research project, and what we have been doing, you can Click the video icon below to watch a short video, Click the link below to read the article about GWR in the Independent, follow the links below to GWR publications, ordownload some of our case studies, updates & newsletters .

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Links to more information about GWR

Video shorts of the original GWR research areas

The Latest GWR Progress report

The Latest GWR Update and Newsletter

The GWR 2009 Executive Review booklet

The GWR seminars and the GWR Access Grid

GWR at the Science & Innovation 2010 conference

The GWR Sustainability Exchange 2009

The GWR 2009 event in Westminster

Report on the Second GWR Research Symposium

Report on the First GWR Research Symposium


The overall aims and some of the expected outcomes of the original Great Western Research Project.

The original project aims
The fundamental concept of Great Western Research is to promote collaborations between the highest quality research groups in the South West and regional businesses in order to attract international interest and recognition and to support the growth of the South West. The provision of research fellowships and research studentships was seen as an effective way to catalyse research partnerships between research groups in SW HEIs and industry.

The aims of establishing Great Western Research were:

Direct outputs
GWR funded 20 Research Fellowships and 130 PhD studentships and trains PGR students through a discipline specific training network. We aimed to create 100 jobs, mainly through new postdocs appointed to university research projects and into industry. 60 Academic staff were expected to collaborate with a new industry partner. We hoped to stimulate 80 industry partners who have not collaborated with a particular academic or research group previously, and we expected to support at least 28 SMEs to engage in research projects with South West Universities.


Progress against the overall initial project objective indicators set by the SW-RDA for the GWR studentship program is summarised below :

 Additional Output - The existence of GWR and the relationships fostered through GWR collaborations, has facilitated approximately £20M of new research funding coming into the South West Universities over the last 4 years.

The Latest GWR Progress report

Project management Top
The GWR Strategy and Management Board was been established with Professor Roger Kain (DVC Exeter University) and subsequently Professor Mark Overton (DVC Exeter University) as Chair. The Board set up six Theme Panels and a Regional Research Board to advise it in making allocations for studentships and fellowships in the original project.

For more information on the original structure of GWR,  Please see the Great Western Research Organisation chart available from this link.

The overall final responsibility to HEFCE and the SWRDA for the original GWR program lay jointly with the Vice Chancellors of Bath, Bristol and Exeter Universities.

In mid 2012, reflecting the refocussing of GWR activities after the close of Phase 1, the management responsibility passed to a committee consisting of the pro/deputry vice chancellors for research of Bath, Bristol, Exeter and Cardiff Universities


GWR's work was presented at the Science & Innovation 2010 conference in London on 16th June.

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The Second GWR Research Symposium, January 20th  2010

               " 2020 vision : I can see clearly now....? "



           The GWR seminars and the GWR access Grid

As part of the original project, GWR broadcast a series of seminars, lectures and workshops in Psychology, Sustainability, Materials and Creative Arts over the internet based Access Grid video conferencing system. If you wish to be informed by email 'alert' about the schedule and content of the futureseminars, please contact Paul Hudson.

Please click on the links below for more details of our seminar series.

Psychology seminars   

Sustainability seminars

Materials seminars

With funding from HEFCE , GWR invested over £1.2M in the creation of 6 purpose built Access Grid equipped seminar/training suites at Universities across the South West ( Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Plymouth, University of the West of England, and the Tremough campus of the Combined Universities in Cornwall ) .

GWR seminars were delivered over the Access Grid system to Universities across the South West and recorded for archive purposes. You can stream these recordings from the individual links above.

For more information on the GWR Access Grid please click HERE


                        GWR 2009 Event in Westminster

GWR held a very successful event in Portcullis House, Westminster on the evening of 29th June which briefed MPs, members of the new government department BIS (which represents the areas previously in DIUS) representatives of the Research Councils, and the Technology Strategy Board about its activities.

GWR , Students, Fellows, Supervisors and Business Partners were joined by senior academics from across the South West and representatives of the SW-RDA and HEFCE at the meeting , which was kindly sponsored by Phil Willis MP ( now Lord Willis) Chair of the Commons Select Committee at the time .