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To discover what Great Western Research does, and what we have achieved to date, please read or download our latest progress report :    


Click the video icon below to watch a short video about the first phase of GWR, or click the logo to read the article about GWR phase one in the Independent.

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To find out more about the origins and philosophy of the GWR project, please follow this link, Great Western Research


Current PhD Studentship Schemes

The ESRC South West Doctoral Training            Centre Collaborative studentships

Applications are now open for SWTDC Academic staff to submit research proposals for the award of up to 16 new Collaborative ESRC SWDTC PhD studentships, which will be facilitated by GWR.

Click on the image below for a short presentation explaining these collaborative studentships.

In January 2011 the Economics and Social Research Council (ESRC) confirmed funding of the new South West Doctoral Training Centre (SWDTC) which brings together the combined strengths of the Universities of Bristol, Exeter and Bath in a consortium to provide doctoral training across the South West of England.

As part of the overall SWDTC strategy, the Management Board has agreed that GWR will work closely with the SWDTC to deliver opportunities for up to 16 new collaborative PhD studentships each year.

These new collaborative ESRC-SWDTC studentships, which are facilitated by GWR, will each be part funded by an External Partner, and the GWR application system is now open for SWDTC academic staff to submit research proposals for consideration for these studentship.

Applications for this second round closed at noon on Friday 26th October , with final decisions expected to be announced in December 2012, and successful supervisors of studentship projects will then be able to recruit students through the normal SWDTC advertisement and selection processes which begin in January 2013 .

Further details of these GWR facilitated ESRC-SWDTC collaborative studentship scheme, full application guidelines, FAQs, scheme documents, and application forms are all available HERE.

You can start an application TODAY by filling out our very short "outline application" form, follow the above link !


For further details of the activities of the SWDTC please see the following websites :


The Exeter University College of Humanities PhD Studentships .

                                       Visit the Campaign website

With the College of Humanities of the University of Exeter, GWR expect to be offering funding for several PhD research studentships in 2012 , in collaboration with businesses across the UK. Research proposals for consideration may be submitted on-line at any time.

For full details of this Scheme, Application Guidelines, and to submit an application on-line, please click   HERE



  The ESF-CUC PhD Studentships


During 2011 GWR was involved in facilitating and delivering 40 PhD studentships to the Combined Universities in Cornwall partners (CUC), involving Cornish Business Partners.

GWR received a total of over 80 applications , which were assessed by GWR expert Theme Panels. Details of the membership of these GWR Theme Panels is available HERE.

The final funding decisions were made by the GWR Cornwall Research Board, membership details HERE .

Details of this Scheme are available HERE .



The GWR seminars & the GWR Access Grid

With funding from HEFCE , GWR invested over £1M in the creation of 6 purpose built Assess Grid equipped seminar/training suites at Universities across the South West. During GWR phase 1, seminars were delivered over the Access Grid system to Universities across the South West and recorded for archive purposes. You can stream these recordings from the individual links below.

For more information on the GWR Access Grid please click HERE .

Psychology seminars   

Sustainability seminars

Materials seminars